About Weatherbys

Weatherbys combines a long-standing tradition of banking excellence with a forward-looking approach. Although it is well-known as the bank of British horse racing, Weatherbys is a highly capable private bank catering to high net worth individuals across the world. This places Weatherbys in an excellent position, and it has won awards in recent years for the quality of its banking. Described as a firm that is “rich in history, but now feels modern”, Weatherbys is perfectly-suited to the modern banking environment.

Clients will find their private bank always available when they want to speak on the phone or face to face. However, Weatherbys also offers fully-digital private banking services includes an app and a banking website. This ensures that Weatherbys is a truly modern private bank, ideal for today’s high net worth individuals.

The beating heart of British horse racing

The first Weatherby to be associated with horse racing was James Weatherby, who became the Secretary of the Jockey Club in 1770. He was responsible for laying the foundations of modern British horse racing. His work lives on today, with thoroughbred horses across the world tracing their lineage back to his time as Secretary.

Weatherbys has always been a central pillar of British horse racing, and has provided organisational and financial support for generations of jockeys and breeders. In the late 20th century, the Weatherbys private bank was established to broaden the company’s customer base. The same level of care and attention to detail that Weatherbys was rightly renowned for thus became available to the public at large.

A forward-looking private bank

Today, Weatherbys focuses on delivering a range of top-shelf private banking products. Although the bank has been part of the British establishment for hundreds of years, it has lately been recognised as a remarkably modern private bank. It offers a wide range of highly versatile financial solutions for a diverse modern market, rather than hoping to trade on its historic reputation alone.

Wealth & investment advice

Weatherbys has three areas in which they apply their expertise; cash flow planning, investments, and efficient structuring. With the advice of experts who have spent years in their field, Weatherbys clients can be sure they’re receiving the best wealth management in the business

Non-resident private banking services

Clients living in Hong Kong or the USA can make use of dedicated services from Weatherbys. The private banks’ experts will be able to smooth their client’s activities in the UK, enabling them to act with confidence at all times.

Private bank mortgages

Weatherbys gives high net worth individuals access to the flexible finance services they need in the modern era. The private bank is able to provide a solution to whatever problems their clients encounter, from large mortgages to personal loans. Buy-to-let and bridging loans are available, and Weatherbys offers specialised asset finance through a dedicated subsidiary.

Private banking for the 21st century

Hundreds of years of experience has created a truly unique private bank in Weatherbys. Clients can be sure of receiving the absolute peak of quality when they join the Weatherbys family, while still gaining a highly flexible and future-ready private banking service.

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