Wealth Management

The clients of private banks are exceptional people with specialised needs, who require a balanced and personal approach. By working with a private bank, these individuals gain valuable in-depth insight through their bank’s intelligent and trusting relationship, driven by a combination of objective information and expert interpretation.

Investment Portfolio Management

Intelligent investment is at the very heart of wealth management, and private bankers expertly construct portfolios which centre on each client’s goals. Drawing on generations of experience in wealth management, private banks enable clients to create a diverse portfolio which matches their appetite for risk whilst still fulfilling their long-term objectives.

With responsible investment constituting such an integral element of wealth management, some private banks also empower their clients to make investments directly with the bank’s own expert fund managers. These managers carefully select investments according to the risk level and time frame appropriate to their clients, and maintain a disciplined approach to generating the portfolio’s required returns.

Private banks incorporate such tax-efficient vehicles as ISAs and pensions alongside a wide array of alternative investment structures to generate a bespoke portfolio precisely aligned to their client’s needs. Some private banks also offer alternative investment services focusing on real estate and commercial opportunities, carefully vetted to provide a consolidated investment package.

Personal Focus

You need a partner you can trust with your wealth, so responsible investment and financial planning is at the heart of each bank’s outlook. They bring this vision to their clients through strategic recommendations and advice, focused on each individual’s holistic management requirements. A private bank’s wealth management services are tailored to each client’s individual needs, with a deep understanding of their long and short-term objectives.


The high-touch relationship between private banks and their clients develops mutual trust and respect, and many banks work with a client family for generations. Planning for wealth succession is vital, and private banks are familiar with the challenges faced by families when passing wealth across generations.

The personal trust developed with a private bank is an essential part of any wealth succession strategy, because the process is inherently very personal; private banks often incorporate family workshops, retreats and one-to-one sessions when determining how to preserve the family’s values, wealth and vision. This deep level of involvement is only possible with with the mutual trust and respect that clients can place in a private bank.


Private banks help their clients make a real difference in the world, applying their wealth in positive, measurably beneficial ways. Through access to a private bank’s philanthropic experts, clients can seek advice on developing a philanthropic strategy, finding new opportunities for positive involvement and objectively reviewing the impact of their projects.

Clients can also make use of the extensive contacts a private bank has when reaching out to organisations, and are able to build trusting relationships through high-level introductions facilitated by their bank. Private banks enhance their clients’ ability to do good in the world, and are an important plus-factor for all philanthropists.

Discreet and Confidential Service

Private banks are the very last word in discretion and actively safeguard their clients from unwanted interference. These banks understand that privacy is essential and trust is invaluable; they work tirelessly to ensure their client’s faith is well-placed and all information is kept strictly confidential.

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