Private Bank Accounts

Private banks have a deep understanding of the world their clients move in, using their expertise built up over generations to provide an exceptional, world-class service. This depth of experience is combined with market-leading technology which allows clients to exercise choice and control over their finances, wherever they are in the world.

What You Need to Know About Private Bank Accounts

Private banks excel by providing a personal service, and making sure your every need is catered for. They’re dedicated to making your financial affairs as easy to manage as possible, and will always go the extra mile for their clients. They’re able to do so because they never sacrifice quality for quantity, focusing instead on providing the finest service to a limited clientele. In fact, many private banks work closely within specific communities, dedicating their talents to serving the needs of a small group of individuals.

Financial Empowerment

The flexibility and control which a private bank account offers can be invaluable, since it enables account holders to exercise fine control over their finances. Customers are empowered by private banks’ adaptable, outcome-driven approach, and their decisions are informed by the in-depth insight the bank provides. Should a situation require deeper analysis, private banks can draw on specialist experts affiliated with or employed by the bank, who can provide the strategic guidance their clients need.

International Reach

Private banks are much smaller than their high-street cousins but still maintain a global footprint. Customers of private banks have access to the latest digital wealth management technology, enabling them to receive the same level of service whether they’re in London or abroad.

Select Clientele

Private banks draw clients from all walks of life, not just the aristocracy, and clients range from sports & entertainment personalities to professionals and landowners. That said, the clientele of a private bank is carefully selected, and account holders must meet the earnings and asset holding requirements of the bank with whom they wish to open an account. While each private bank has its own requirements, most clients will need assets worth £1 million or a salary of more than £100,000 annually. Meeting these thresholds is not a guarantee of acceptance; private banks conduct personal interviews with account applicants to establish whether they’ll be able to work together effectively.

Current Accounts

A current account is the foundation of your private banking relationship, and provides the flexibility and service you require from day to day. Private bank current account holders receive a whole host of benefits suited to their lifestyle, often including features such as tariff-free foreign transactions and flexible secured or unsecured overdraft options.

Deposit Accounts

Deposit accounts enable private bank clients to manage their money effectively, and are often tied directly to an existing current account. These deposit accounts can be used to distribute earnings for effective strategic cash management, and can be obtained in either instant-access or notice access formats, depending on the goals of the account holder.

Offshore Banking

Financial flexibility is sometimes the surest way to guarantee resilience, and offshore banking can provide account holders with the privacy and security they require from a bank service. Private banks can allow clients to place their money in offshore accounts which can be relied upon around the world, empowering the account holder to travel the globe freely without incurring potentially punitive over-taxation.

Tax Efficient Savings

Private banks fully comprehend the need for their clients to maximise the efficiency of their savings by reducing exposure to tax. These banks have an extensive understanding of optimal savings architecture, and are able to create maximally-efficient savings strategies for their clients with diverse portfolios including ISAs, pensions and other investment vehicles.

International Savings Accounts

Savers with international commitments can often find it difficult to receive a consistent, high-quality service. Private banks are able to provide worldwide financial solutions, linking domestic and foreign accounts intuitively to make managing international assets a clean, straightforward experience.

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