About Vontobel Private Bank

With roots in the globally-renowned Swiss banking culture, Vontobel is a premier provider of private banking services. These consist of dedicated management services for both assets and wealth, facilitating maximum returns for clients in all sectors. As a forward-looking private bank, Vontobel also empowers investors to trade digitally. With this combination of banking knowledge and modern intelligence they are an excellent partner for a range of high net worth individuals.

Foundations of a modern private bank

Vontobel was formed in 1924 in Zurich, Switzerland. At this time, Switzerland was already well-known as the world leaders in discreet financial services. The country’s strict code of banking secrecy, and its focus on delivering unparalleled quality, meant that it was well-placed to offer bespoke banking services to high net worth individuals. Vontobel proved popular and successful, and continued to grow throughout the 20th century.

The bank expanded to America in the 1980s, transforming into a limited liability corporation at the same time. This marked a shift in Vontobel’s growth, as the private bank began to acquire assets around the world. This included German, Austrian and Swiss financial organisations. In the following years, Vontobel went on to open branches and secure assets further afield. Vontobel boasts a presence in cities from Hong Kong to Milan, and can boast a truly global network of financial experts.

Digital investing with Vontobel

This private bank capitalises on the power of modern technology to offer a huge range of digital investment services to clients. These range from a thematic investments platform to structured and leverage-based investments. At every stage, investors are able to choose how and where to invest their assets, allowing them to exercise total control over the combination of risk and reward they’re exposed to. Investors aren’t simply left on their own, though; Vontobel offers insight and strategic advice to investors, allowing them to benefit from the private bank’s guidance.

Managing wealth in today’s world

There are many conflicting demands on high net worth individuals in the modern world. Constant pressure from external influences means these individuals need support from expert wealth managers, and that’s what Vontobel provides. This private bank delivers a wide array of solutions to help mitigate the stress of wealth management in the modern world. These include everything from financial advisory and investment management to wealth transfer planning. This allows high net worth individuals to manage their fortunes today while planning for the future.

Vontobel asset management solutions

As a leading provider of financial solutions around the world, Vontobel is intimately involved with a huge range of asset classes. This allows the private bank to extend its financial expertise into asset management, and it offers an extensive range of asset management facilities. Included in this range are a range of different strategies, including growth, fixed income, sustainable equities and multi asset portfolios. This diverse array of options provides a solution for investors of all types, and each strategy can be further tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

Making money work harder with Vontobel

There are very few limits to what Vontobel can achieve, and as such this private bank is an ideal choice for a huge range of high net worth individuals. Clients include wealthy individuals and families, as well as investors looking to generate enhanced returns on their assets.

Services offered by Vontobel.

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