The Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS)

About UBS

Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) offers universal wealth management facilities to high net worth individuals. This private bank gives clients access to the total range of top-quality solutions, from investment and philanthropy planning to large mortgages and other lending products. Although the primary UBS offering is holistic wealth management, it boasts the depth of experience needed to support its clients in any situation.

In addition to wide-ranging expertise, UBS clients benefit from Switzerland’s world-renowned bank-client discretion laws. This allows individuals who use this private bank to rest assured that their affairs will remain their own. UBS is the private bank of choice for many high net worth individuals, and the combination of cachet and quality makes it easy to understand why.

At the heart of Swiss banking

UBS began life in the mid-19th century, building on a long tradition of Swiss banking excellence. By this point, Switzerland had staked out its position as Europe’s centre for discreet banking services. This allowed it to compete with larger financial hubs like London, Paris or Berlin. The bank that would become UBS, the Bank in Winterthur, was founded in 1862. It was situated near the Winterthur rail lines, and made a fortune on the trade of cotton.

However, following failed investments in the Swiss National Railway, Bank in Winterthur merged with the Toggenburger Bank. Together, these two banks became known as the Union Bank of Switzerland. Other Swiss banks were pursuing similar consolidation at the same time, leading to the concentration of Swiss financial power with a smaller number of banks. Many of these banks took up residence on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, which is known today as the “Wall Street of Switzerland”.

Throughout the 20th century UBS merged with and acquired dozens of smaller banks. The largest of these mergers were with the Swiss Bank Corporation in 1998, and with Paine Webber in 2000. In the wake of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, UBS restructured and refocused itself. Today’s UBS is dedicated to providing high-quality wealth management around the globe, with an emphasis on discretion and expertise.

Wealth management

Any high net worth individual needs the experts on their side when it comes to managing their wealth. UBS delivers all-round wealth management services that offer access to experts in every field. Personal objectives are at the heart of what UBS offers, and whether an individual is planning for retirement or to grow their wealth, they will draw up a plan to achieve these goals.

Lending and large mortgages

UBS offers a range of lending services to its clients. These include asset-backed lending and property based mortgage finance, with a highly adaptable set of lending criteria.

International banking with UBS

All high net worth clients need a private bank that can facilitate their modern lifestyle. With this in mind, UBS offers private banking clients a whole suite of flexible international banking services.

The UBS private banking experience

All UBS clients benefit from this private bank’s extensive knowledge of their industry, along with hundreds of years of experience. For any wealthy individual, UBS is an excellent choice of private bank.

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