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About Societe Generale

Societe Generale recognises that the very essence of private banking is the unique nature of every client. “You are unique; so is your project” is the motto of the Societe Generale private bank, and this ethos carries through into every service that it offers to private banking clients. Dedicated wealth engineers assess the requirements of each high net worth individual and how to best achieve their goals. By matching a bespoke strategy to the needs of every client, Societe Generale is able to deliver highly targeted solutions to a huge range of different issues.

Societe Generale is often known simply as “SocGen”, and this reflects the ubiquity of its international banking operations. Because Societe Generale operates in so many localities, with such a broad range of services, it touches the lives of millions of citizens all over the world. Who better to manage the wealth of a globetrotting high net worth individual than a world-spanning bank?

The growth of the “SocGen”

Societe Generale is one of the largest banks in France, with headquarters in Paris. It was founded in 1864, which was a golden age of European banking. At this time, Paris was one of the leading financial centres of the world. While Switzerland offered maximum discretion, and London provided a trans-Atlantic finance hub, Paris was still very much the heart of European finance. However, times began to change during the late 19th century, with many banks failing under the gradual strain of inter-European uncertainty. The Franco-Prussian war of 1870 helped to destabilise the continent’s power balance, and by the turn of the century Societe Generale was one of the few French banks still thriving. This reputation for resilience and reliability has stood “the SocGen” in good stead.

The Second World War interrupted the Societe Generale’s expansion, but once Europe was liberated in continued to extend its operations into new regions. Today, Societe Generale is a major international bank with branches from Japan to the UK to Saudi Arabia. It offers banking services to over 30 million consumers, and the Societe Generale private bank provides a bespoke service for high net worth individuals the world over.

Organising a client’s wealth

Societe Generale offers a suite of services designed to address the problems high net worth individuals face. Expert private bank account managers enable their clients to plan wealth succession, or invest the proceeds of a company sale, amongst much else. These flexible services make use of multiple income streams and a range of investment facilities to provide the ideal mix of resilience and growth potential.

Flexible financial solutions

From providing a large private mortgage to asset finance, Societe Generale offers clients an adaptable lending facility. The flexible attitude of Societe Generale is a breath of fresh air for clients who are used to the “tick box” mentality of other banks.

Investment and philanthropy

Whether clients are investing with growth or good intentions in mind, Societe Generale’s specialist advisors will ensure their wealth is appropriately invested by providing deep insight and advice.

Choosing the Societe Generale private bank

Societe Generale has considered all the issues that confront modern high net worth individuals, and has developed an impressive suite of solutions to address them. For individuals that need a flexible private bank with a worldwide reach, Societe Generale private bank is a great choice.

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