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About Santander Private Bank

A bank built on years of experience, Santander’s private banking operations are ideal for high net worth individuals in the modern era. Santander’s services are based around providing a flexible, easy-to-use private banking service that suits an individual’s precise requirements. Whether this is structuring savings, facilitating wise investments or day to day banking, Santander’s private bank is ready to offer world-class support.

The foundation of Santander private bank

Santander is an old Spanish bank, formed in the city of the same name in 1857. The port city of Santander had immense regional significance, and has a long history as an important trading link between northern Spain and the rest of the world. Santander still maintains its original building in the city, and the business is registered to the same address where it originated.

Today. Santander is an immense multinational banking group, giving it a huge amount of global reach. This is important for modern private banking clients, who often need to access insights and facilities across borders. Santander’s position as a global bank allows it to facilitate foreign exchange and investment across the world, amongst many other powerful tools it can offer its clients.

However, the trade-off between global reach and personal relationships is an important one to balance. Because Santander has wisely invested in local expertise in the countries where it operates, it’s able to provide a deeply personal connection to its private banking clients. Santander’s UK operations were created by purchasing several UK building societies, such as Bradford & Bingley and Alliance & Leicester. These have since been merged with Santander. However, since private banking clients can still access UK bank managers with local expertise, they still receive top-notch personal attention.

The Santander private banking experience

Santander’s private banking services offer a rich variety of different facilities. This is essential for any high net worth individual, who will often require many different services. From investment to wealth management, Santander’s private bank gives clients the support they need to flourish.

Global support network

Santander’s international presence allows it to offer an impressive suite of services across the world. These include expedited onboarding services for private clients in other countries, seamless cross-border money management and international investment solutions.

Investing in your future

Santander private bank offers a variety of facilities to improve a client’s investment portfolio. These include local support for real estate investment, from local expertise and insight to mortgages for high net worth individuals. Santander private bank clients can also quickly arrange for investments to be made in projects or funds anywhere in the world.

Day to day banking

The Santander private bank account service offers clients access to their money no matter where they are in the world. No-fee ATM withdrawals, and easy transfers between different currencies, allows clients of the Santander private bank to enjoy a friction-free life anywhere abroad.

Working with the Santander private bank

There are many good reasons for high net worth individuals to pick Santander as their private bank. The combination of far-reaching global presence and a down-to-earth personal relationship allows Santander to offer a well-rounded private banking service.

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