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The Royal Bank of Canada’s private bank division offers highly-specialised wealth management services. These solutions are perfect for individuals, entrepreneurs and families with complex income streams and refined requirements. Although it’s a proudly Canadian company, the Royal Bank of Canada is a truly international organisation, with branches in Hong Kong, the UK, the Caribbean, and all across the world. The private bank has access to some of the world’s leading experts on investment and financial forecasting. Coupled with a relentless focus on personal relationships, the Royal Bank of Canada’s private bank is an ideal home for modern high net worth individuals.

Canadian banking excellence

The “great white north” has a long history as a stable hand on international affairs. This heritage of sensible and level-headed attitudes goes back hundreds of years, and imbues every aspect of Canadian culture. The Royal Bank of Canada is no different, and carries on the great Canadian tradition of providing quality services that people can rely on.

The Royal Bank of Canada was formed in 1882, when the Merchants Bank of Halifax opened a branch in Bermuda. Halifax, on the eastern seaboard, was an important Canadian port for a long time, hence the formation of one of the country’s major banks within the city. Over the next decades the Royal Bank of Canada continued to open new branches across North and South America, establishing a major presence in Cuba. The bank stretched all the way across the globe, with offices in China and India as well as Chile, Argentina, and the UK. Today, the Royal Bank of Canada is one of the best-connected Canadian banks in the world.

Private banking services from the Royal Bank of Canada

There are many services that a modern high net worth individual needs access to. These are all catered for by the team at Royal Bank of Canada’s private banking division. Thanks to the private bank’s forward-looking attitude, it has been awarded high ranking in the “Innovative Technology - Client Experience” category in a 2018 Euromoney survey. With a personal private banker on hand to manage the affairs of Royal Bank of Canada clients, there’s always time for the personal touch.

Wealth management team

Royal Bank of Canada private banking clients get access to a full wealth management team. If a client has specialist needs, then these will be added to the team of experts on whose knowledge the personal wealth manager can draw.

First-class private bank account

High net worth individuals gain a distinctive black current account card, which identifies them in-branch and carries many benefits. These include high cash withdrawal and retail purchase limits, as well as perks like free airport lounge access.

Specialised credit tools

A Royal Bank of Canada client can make use of an extensive range of flexible credit options. These include letters of credit, insurance policy finance, trust lending and loans based on unique security structures, amongst much else.

Modern private banking from the Royal Bank of Canada

There’s little more that a high net worth individual could need. The Royal Bank of Canada provides unparalleled access to some of the best wealth management services in the world.

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