About Quintet

Small enough to be personal, and big enough to provide the wide-reaching services that high net worth individuals really need. This is what Quintet offers, and it makes them one of the leading Luxembourgish private banks. By focusing on what really matters, the team at Quintet is able to give clients a truly bespoke private banking experience, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach dressed up differently.

A totally independent private bank, Quintet focuses on addressing the problems that confront each and every client. Since each individual requires an entirely different approach this requires Quintet to be flexible and responsive, with a can-do attitude. The private bank excels in this approach, ensuring that its clients can flourish and succeed in an ever more uncertain modern world.

Leading private banking in Luxembourg

Success in private banking doesn’t come overnight, and Quintet began life as a very small private bank indeed. Formed in 1949, Quintet started out life as Kredietbank Luxembourg. In the early days, the bank only had 5 employees on its payroll. This even included the CEO, Constant Franssens. However, the bank began to offer a range of quality private bank accounts and other bespoke wealth solutions to its clients, and this saw the bank’s portfolio grow exponentially over the intervening years.

By the early 21st century, Kredietbank Luxembourg boasted over 2,000 staff. Quintet, as the bank is now known, is able to access the significant infrastructure that it has accrued, allowing it to deliver top-quality services across a vast range of different fields. It can do so while still remaining a personal, local-feeling bank that relies on long standing client-bank relationships. In this, Quintet is one of only a few private banks in the modern world that still offer a bespoke and personal private banking relationship.

Banking success with Quintet

The combination of truly personal private banking with a far-reaching network of experts and local branches allows Quintet to deliver excellent quality in any field. Branches in over 50 cities and more than 200 investment specialists mean Quintet has no shortage of assets to offer high net worth individuals.

Investing with Quintet

The focus of Quintet is on providing expert investment opportunities to high net worth individuals. This takes the form of deeply insightful advice, which enables clients to act on opportunities that suit their objectives. Thanks to a careful and well-developed relationship between each client and their private banker, each investment opportunity is hand-selected to meet the needs of every investor. That allows Quintet clients to invest their wealth selectively and in a way that always meets their long-term goals.

Choosing a modern European private bank

When looking for a private bank, any high net worth individual has to be careful about the decisions they make. It’s essential to weigh up the advantages of an independent private bank against those of a larger bank with greater infrastructure. By offering the best of both worlds, Quintet can truly claim to be the perfect bank for high net worth individuals.

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