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Like all astute investors, Pictet Group values both the past and the future highly. This private bank draws on many years of experience to help divine the best solutions for its clients. With an adaptable and flexible worldview centered on wealth management and private banking for the 21st century, Pictet Group is an ideal partner for the modern high net worth individual.

Best-in-class asset management

There are hundreds of investment professionals at Pictet Group, and these are dispersed across the world. This allows the private bank to provide real-time intelligence and reporting on asset markets, and to promote a fully responsive management strategy. Asset management from Pictet Group incorporates equity, fixed income, multi asset and alternative strategies. Clients range from the world’s largest pension funds and financial institutions right down to the level of the individual.

Thanks to many years of experience as an independent asset manager, and a distributed group of expert advisors, Pictet Group is well-placed to offer excellent asset management facilities to all its clients.

Maximise efficiency with asset servicing

Pictet Group brings its expertise to bear on the asset servicing sector. It is perfectly-placed to do so, too, with a deep understanding of how to generate positive outcomes for their clients. By servicing assets on behalf of their clients, Pictet Group enables them to focus on their core competencies. Less time spent servicing assets means more time generating portfolio returns, enabling clients to maximise their ROI all round.

As an independent asset manager, Pictet Group is an excellent partner. This private bank deals in a huge range of different asset classes, across the world’s largest economies. For any high net worth individual seeking to enhance the performance of their asset portfolio, Pictet Group is a smart choice of private bank.

Global wealth management solutions

Pictet Group works with a wide range of clients. In order to provide the best service possible, the private bank’s wealth management services are stratified for different levels of wealth. All clients gain the same high level of service that Pictet Group is known for, and benefit from a range of services. This includes the renowned Swiss pension services, estate planning and other forward-looking wealth management facilities. For the very wealthiest clients, Pictet Group offers dedicated family office services that focus on growth, stability and accessibility.

Investment planning from the experts

As one of the world’s most experienced private banks, Pictet Group delivers a range of high-quality investment services. These incorporate the trademark Pictet Group emphasis on flexibility and adaptability, as well as access to the finest financial minds the world has to offer. Pictet Group investment managers can take on a discretionary or an advisory role, depending on their client’s goals. Thanks to this twin-track approach, Pictet Group clients will have world-leading financial experts on their team, enabling them to make the most of opportunities that present themselves.

World-class private banking from Pictet Group

When it comes to choosing a private bank, high net worth individuals need to know they’re getting the right combination of expertise and relatability. Pictet Group fits the bill perfectly; they have access to globe-spanning expertise and can reach any market, while remaining small enough to develop personal relationships with all their clients. For this reason, Pictet Group provides an excellent investment and wealth management option for a range of private banking clients.

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