About Nedbank

Nedbank is primarily a South African-based bank that provides an impressive suite of private banking services. Nedbank private wealth solutions include a wide spectrum of lending, investing and wealth management services. Clients can grow and maintain their fortunes with the help of Nedbank’s highly talented pool of experts. With local expertise and an international reach, Nedbank is the perfect home for high net worth individuals who need excellent customer service.

Nedbank’s private banking heritage

As the name implies, Nedbank was originally a Netherlands-based bank. Formed in Amsterdam in 1888 as “Nederlandsche Bank en Credietvereeniging voor Zuid-Afrika” (Netherlands Bank and Credit Union for South Africa”), Nedbank was closely involved with the Dutch colonies in South Africa. The Boers, Dutch settlers in the country, discovered copious amounts of gold and other valuable resources, and Nedbank supported the growing economy. With the end of the Second Boer War, and the establishment of South Africa as a British colony, Nedbank opened a London branch. It was thus a vital link between the new rulers and the Dutch colonists who called it home.

Major upheavals throughout the 20th century significantly changed the nature of the bank. In 1951 Nedbank’s operations officially parted ways, with the South African bank becoming wholly South African-owned in 1969. Today’s Nedbank is one of the leading providers of quality financial services throughout South Africa. The bank’s area of operations includes multiple members of the South African Development Community (SADC). This includes Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and Malawi. Nedbank provides support to its clients throughout the world with offices in the United Kingdom, the UAE and the Channel Islands.

Private banking services from Nedbank

Nedbank’s primary customer base is in South Africa, and it extends support for these individuals all over the world. Whatever their clients need, Nedbank is in a position to provide it. This makes the private bank an ideal home for the modern high net worth individual.

Investment services

Nedbank provides a suite of specialised investment services. These comprise of a range of investment options hand-chosen by a dedicated investment specialist at the private bank. To ensure these meet each client’s needs, they will be carefully matched with the objectives of each account holder.

Private banking services

Nedbank supports the daily activities of high net worth individuals with a comprehensive array of modern banking services. Interest-bearing accounts in any major currency, commission-free foreign exchange services and fixed term deposits round out this offering, alongside a platinum-level Visa card.

Borrowing services

Private banking offers a wealth of ways to borrow, from asset finance to large mortgages. Nedbank gives clients an easy way to find the funding they need for any purpose, whether it’s purchasing real estate or any other assets. A flexible attitude to securitisation allows clients to leverage their existing assets and income streams fully.

Fiduciary solutions

Nedbank also specialises in providing a range of fiduciary solutions. These include employee incentive schemes, offshore trusts, wealth planning and more. The Nedbank family office service is also the perfect home for a wealthy dynasty, where an in-house wealth management expert will ensure fortunes are shepherded responsibly across generations.

Working with Nedbank

Any high net worth individual will find that Nedbank provides everything they need for modern life. The depth of experience and world-spanning expertise enables Nedbank clients to make the most of their fortune, whether they’re pursuing growth, philanthropy, or stability.

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