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About Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s financial behemoths. It’s one of the premier investment banks and financial services companies on the planet, operating across the world. Morgan Stanley’s impressive global reach allows it to offer an immense repertoire of financial services. Private bank services include investment and wealth management, guided by Morgan Stanley’s intense and far-reaching expertise.

The advantages of working with Morgan Stanley are manifold. High net worth individuals will benefit from best-in-class financial advice, and access to the best experts around. This means whether a client is searching for alternative investment strategies, or a way to protect their hard-earned wealth, they’ll have the support of highly-qualified experts. Morgan Stanley has the depth and breadth of experience required to offer expert advice in any field, across the entire globe.

Achieve anything with Morgan Stanley private bank

In tandem with its financial expertise, Morgan Stanley’s private bank also boasts a whole host of financial services. Drawing on decades of experience, Morgan Stanley facilitates a diverse scope of services from private bank accounts and mortgages to alternative investment opportunities.

Expert private investment management

Morgan Stanley offers Investment management services to a vast range of different clients. These range from the macro-scale, such as governments and transnational corporations, down to the level of individuals. Tailor-made solutions at every level allow Morgan Stanley private bank clients to benefit from highly specialized investment solutions, and access to alternative opportunities such as sustainable investment.

Wealth management with Morgan Stanley

Wealth management is another core offering of the Morgan Stanley private bank, and consists of several key concepts. Firstly, Morgan Stanley takes a fully holistic view of private wealth management. This means they work to fulfil their clients’ needs, and never the other way round. Secondly, all private banking relationships are based on mutual respect, and the desire to build long standing trust. Morgan Stanley looks to foster intergenerational relationships, and many clients will work with the private bank for generations. As a result, Morgan Stanley can offer totally bespoke private wealth management solutions, emphasising the importance of goal-setting and adaptability.

Sales and trading services

Access to the inner working of global markets can be the edge an investor needs to get ahead. The advice of highly experienced experts can also be the perfect way to generate safe, reliable returns without the need for deep personal knowledge and constant attention. Whether clients seek to generate maximum returns on investment, or simply to keep their fortune protected, Morgan Stanley can provide a solution. Morgan Stanley is a global leader in facilitating cash equity transactions, as well as in equity-related products.

A heritage of banking expertise

Morgan Stanley was formed in 1935, after the Glass-Steagall act forced JP Morgan to split its investment and commercial banking services. The newly-formed Morgan Stanley facilitated 24% of all initial public offerings in the US, almost instantaneously becoming one of the leading investment banks in America. From this promising beginning, Morgan Stanley has gone from strength to strength, and is one of the foremost investment banks in the world.

Choosing to work with Morgan Stanley private bank

Individuals and organisations of all types will find advantages from working with the Morgan Stanley private bank. From light-touch facilities such as private bank accounts, to the ability to source large private mortgages and expert investment solutions, there is a lot to be gained from choosing this private banking provider.

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