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About Lombard Odier

One of the biggest players in the Swiss private banking industry, Lombard Odier is home to many high net worth individuals from across the world. The wealth management services that this private bank provides are beyond compare, and deliver the last word in quality. Not only does Lombard Odier give its clients access to top-notch wealth management solutions, but it also boasts a world-class financial platform that’s in use all over the world. The Lombard Odier G2 system provides private banking clients with fast, responsive oversight of their wealth. This places Lombard Odier in the vanguard of modern private banking, combining generations of private banking experience with a forward-looking attitude.

Over 200 years of Swiss banking

Today’s Lombard Odier is the inheritor of hundreds of years of experience. This experience doesn’t come from just anywhere; it’s been earned over generations of Swiss private banking. Switzerland’s international reputation for banking excellence is well-earned, and Lombard Odier exemplifies the quality and discretion for which Switzerland is famous.

The current incarnation of Lombard Odier is formally known as “Lombard, Odier, Darier, Hentsch & Cie”, and is formed of 3 distinct business areas. These include private wealth management, asset management, and banking industry services. This places Lombard Odier in an enviable position within the private banking industry, with intimate access to and understanding of the industry’s fundamental underpinnings.

This central position within the Swiss private banking hierarchy has come about through many years of hard work. Lombard Odier can trace its roots back to 1796, when Switzerland was becoming known as the destination of choice for private European banking. In these early days, the private banks that would eventually become today’s Lombard Odier would often work together. For instance, when the Industrial Revolution picked up steam in the early 1800s, the private banks coordinated their efforts in order to provide funding for major projects such as European railway construction and mining in the Loire Valley. This collaboration continued on and off over the years, and in the 21st century they eventually merged under today’s Lombard Odier.

Banking with Lombard Odier

This private bank offers local banking solutions all over the world. With expertise in the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Middle East, private banking clients all over the world can access the expertise of Lombard Odier. There are a wide variety of highly flexible services available to clients, all of which are delivered by highly experienced private bankers.

Wealth planning

Lombard Odier’s holistic approach to wealth management includes careful assessment of each client’s needs and goals. Expert private bankers help clients manage their wealth across international boundaries with minimal difficulty.

Planning for the future

Whether it’s growth, resilience, or generational transfer, Lombard Odier’s specialists help their clients to structure their wealth to achieve their goals. The private bank’s trust services are also in place to enable family wealth management.


Lombard Odier offers tax and legal support for the purchase of real estate in Switzerland. For clients who pursue philanthropic goals, Lombard Odier offers several specialized solutions including the bank’s own umbrella organisation.

Choosing to work with Lombard Odier

High net worth individuals benefit from a long-term approach to wealth management, and it’s precisely this that Lombard Odier provides. With expertise across the world, and a particular emphasis on Swiss tax and investment assistance, Lombard Odier is undoubtedly a top-notch private bank.

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