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About Kleinwort Hambros

Kleinwort Hambros offers a sweeping range of specialised financial services. These are tailored to meet the needs of high net worth individuals in particular, with an emphasis on financial foreplanning and expert wealth management. The Kleinwort Hambros philosophy is to offer a full range of financial solutions for the modern individual, and as such this private bank provides a comprehensive suite of high-quality services. From private bank accounts to lending, wealth management and more specialised services, Kleinwort Hambros is the bank of choice for many discerning high net worth individuals.

The formation of Kleinwort Hambros

Kleinwort Hambros is part of the Societe Generale private banking group. This is a French multinational banking conglomerate, headquartered in Paris, which offers financial services across the globe. While the “SocGen” may be a major modern enterprise, Kleinwort Hambros itself can boast a heritage of personal banking that stretches back centuries.

Kleinwort Hambros was formed in 2016, when Kleinwort Benson was merged with Hambros. These two private banks have been trading for generations, and have developed over many years to become some of the best in their field.

Hambros - “the Diamond Bank”

Founded in 1839, the Hambros story is an exciting one. Created by a Danish merchant and banker, this private bank specialised in working with Scandinavian countries throughout the early 20th century. Sir Charles Hambro, perhaps the most dashing banker in modern history, was a decorated WWI veteran who was eventually made head of British special forces in WWII. In the years after the war, Hambros became known as the “Diamond Bank” for their intense involvement with the diamond trade, as well as for their close integration with Scandinavian trade.

Kleinwort Benson - from Cuban cigars to gold bullion

This private bank was formed in the late 1700s, as a German bank dealing with English trade. A successful Cuban branch benefited from the sale of cigars to the rest of the world, and Kleinwort Benson was even able to finance Spain’s government from the years of 1939 to 1975. As a participant in London’s financial centre throughout the 20th century, Kleinwort Benson was involved in major global financial activities such as gold price fixing.

Kleinwort Hambros in the 21st century

As a modern private banking enterprise, Kleinwort Hambros offers a diverse range of financial solutions to its clients. These range from lending and wealth management to generational transfer and other forms of financial planning.

Thanks to the global reach of Kleinwort Hambros, clients can take advantage of a hugely flexible lending service. Property finance is available, including large mortgages to secure high-value properties. More refined financial services, such as jet and yacht finance, are also available.

Wealth management and financial planning is an integral part of the Kleinwort Hambros offering, and there are three levels of service available. These are all differentiated on the degree of involvement that the client has. Kleinwort Hambros’ financial advisers can fully manage a clients’ affairs, or can simply act in an advisory role. The bank is also happy to provide an execution-only service, where they simply carry out the wishes of an individual customer.

This range of high-quality services makes Kleinwort Hambros a highly desirable private bank for many modern individuals. With access to high-level wealth management and flexible lending, this private bank is a popular choice for high net worth individuals.

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