About J.P.Morgan

High net worth individuals need a private bank that lets them plan, borrow and borrow with clear intent. That’s what the J.P.Morgan private bank provides. Clear-sighted private bankers with many years of experience help each client to achieve their goals. Whether their aims are to grow their wealth through shrewd investments, or to access and manage their fortune over the years, J.P.Morgan’s private bank stands ready to provide assistance.

Choosing the private banking arm of one of the world’s largest banks has many advantages. While many small independent banks boast of their ability to do whatever their client wants, in reality, their scope can be limited. A lack of truly international expertise and access to the global network of professional financiers can place restraints on what smaller banks are able to achieve. This isn’t the case with the J.P.Morgan private bank. Thanks to its ability to access the full suite of J.P.Morgan investment and banking professionals, this private bank can provide truly expert support in any part of the world.

The rise of J.P.Morgan

The name J.P.Morgan is synonymous with big American business, but like all banks this one had humble beginnings. John Pierpoint Morgan entered the banking industry around the onset of the American Civil War, and profited heavily from the tumultuous situation of this era. The bank that bore his name became associated with the purchase and reorganisation of failing businesses, so much so that the process became known as “Morganization”. J.P.Morgan invested heavily in America’s nascent railway industry, and was also deeply involved with the management of US Steel. J.P.Morgan was such an influential figure on the US economy during the early 20th century that he even helped to prop up the central bank with the sale of gold bullion.

Today, J.P.Morgan is a major international bank headquartered in the USA. However, it has branches all over the world, and employs hundreds of thousands of staff. The private banking arm of J.P.Morgan is highly specialised, and deals fundamentally in personal relationships with high net worth individuals.

J.P.Morgan private wealth solutions

The emphasis of J.P.Morgan’s wealth management services falls on intent. If an individual knows what they want to achieve, and how they want to achieve it, then J.P.Morgan is in a position to realise their ambitions. Consequently, J.P.Morgan’s wealth advisory service offers a well-rounded set of investment insights and wealth structuring services.

Investing with J.P.Morgan private bank

The J.P.Morgan team consists of hundreds of professional investment strategists in nearly 20 cities worldwide. Investment services vary from discretionary to theme-based investment, with institutional portfolio solutions on offer as well.

Wealth planning and management

High net worth individuals need to maintain their fortune, and this can be difficult to achieve without high levels of time investment. J.P.Morgan’s tightly-knit team of personal advisors create bespoke planning solutions for each client that meet their individual requirements.

J.P.Morgan lending services

To make the most of their fortune, J.P.Morgan private bank clients gain access to a range of lending solutions. This ranges from real estate investments through high-value mortgages to fine art, aircraft and other asset finance solutions.

The ideal home for a modern fortune

The guaranteed high-quality service that J.P.Morgan private banking offers, combined with the international expertise and reach of its personnel, makes it a fine choice for any high net worth individual, family or corporation.

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