About Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken is a Swedish private bank with over 200 branches in the UK. This private bank provides a local financial relationship with its clients, who can access a broad range of useful services. The manager of each bank branch is empowered to make their own decisions. This contrasts with the centralised decision-making of many other large banks, and allows Handelsbanken to offer a truly local relationship to its many clients. As they say, “the branch is the bank” meaning clients are able to access flexible, adaptable solutions to their everyday needs.

Handelsbanken’s rise as a Swedish universal bank

In its 150-year history, Handelsbanken has successfully negotiated crises that have put other banks out of business. From the 1929 Wall Street Crash to the more localised 1932 “Kreuger Crash”, Handelsbanken has demonstrated remarkable resilience and flexibility. In the last 50 years, the private bank has diversified its holdings, in particular by investing in natural overseas growth. This is most readily identified in the United Kingdom, where Handelsbanken has 206 branches across the country.

The Handelsbanken philosophy

Most banking clients have become accustomed to the idea that you either choose a small, versatile bank, or a large and inflexible one. Independent private banks can be very adaptable, but can sometimes lack the depth of expertise and global infrastructure that larger banks have access to. Conversely, large banking corporations may have worldwide support, but individual bank managers can’t deviate from the bank’s established rules.

Handelsbanken’s private banking philosophy provides a solution to these two problems. High net worth individuals develop a relationship with their bank manager, who knows they have the flexibility to make their own calls. Because they have the support of Handelsbanken behind them, branch managers are also able to offer their clients a huge range of wealth management and advisory solutions. In this way, Handelsbanken combines truly local private banking with the global scope of a major banking corporation.

Handelsbanken private banking services

This private bank delivers top-quality solutions for clients as far afield as Sweden, Singapore and Latvia, as well as across the UK. These solutions include a diverse range of services aimed at high net worth individuals.


Clients gain access to Handlesbanken’s large mortgage range. There are many options available here, including lending into retirement, remortgaging, buy-to-let, residential development and more.

Current account services

Modern life demands a flexible, easy-to-use private bank account. High net worth individuals gain a cutting-edge current account service with access to phone and online banking.

Holistic wealth planning

Managing wealth takes an all-in approach, and Handelsbanken offers an unmatched depth of experience to its clients. Pension, tax and inheritance planning are all provided, and with clients’ input Handelsbanken creates a comprehensive wealth management strategy for any lifestyle.

Savings accounts

Handelsbanken offers a range of high-quality savings services, from direct-access current accounts to ISAs and 10 or 35-day notice accounts. These offer a variety of ways to save, balancing growth against flexibility for all high net worth individuals.

Sweden’s universal private bank

Handelsbanken brings an impressive level of local banking to cities across the UK and Europe. Thanks to its tireless focus on local-level relationships, Handelsbanken makes an excellent choice of private bank for high net worth individuals.

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