Hampden & Co.

About Hampden & Co.

Hampden & Co. is a highly responsive private bank. It offers an enormous degree of flexibility to its clients, who can count on their private bankers to solve any problem on their behalf. Hampden & Co. has been recognised as an excellent private bank at the prestigious Spears Awards, and continues to grow a name for itself as one of the UK’s foremost private banks.

A modern bank for modern times

Hampden & Co. was founded in 2015, and is one of the few UK private banks launched in the 21st century. From the outset, Hampden & Co. was oriented around providing solutions to the problems that today’s high net worth individuals encounter. While many long-running private banks are struggling to reorganise and update their banking practises, Hampden & Co. has hit the ground running as a truly 21st century private bank. This includes the creation of a bespoke banking app that enables clients to easily use and manage their wealth from day to day.

As an independent private bank, Hampden & Co. is in an excellent position to offer its clients a flexible range of financial services. This independence is deep-rooted, and even extends to the bank’s name. Hampden & Co. is named after John Hampden, a famed parliamentarian in the time of Charles I. He stood up to the wayward monarch and helped to establish the principles of Parliamentary independence we have today. In fact, the ceremonial shutting of the doors against Black Rod pays homage to the events in which John Hampden was involved. His name was, and still is, a byword for integrity and honesty, and it is these principles that guide the private bank bearing his name.

Private banking the Hampden & Co. way

The team at Hampden & Co. offer a wholly adaptable private banking model. They recognise that not every client has the same, or even similar, requirements. To this end, Hampden & Co. seeks to understand each client’s needs, then design a responsive private banking facility that suits them.

Wealth management services

As a leading private bank, Hampden & Co. has an exceptional network of advisors and other trusted personnel. Clients whose goal is to nurture and grow their wealth will find a team of well-connected professionals ready to help them achieve their objectives. Hampden & Co. advisors provide access to unique pension plans, real estate investment, trust funding and complex lending solutions. The blend of adaptability and professionalism that Hampden & Co. brings to the table is ideal for any high net worth individuals.

Personal banking solutions

High net worth individuals need access to a powerful, flexible service, and that’s what Hampden & Co. provides. The bank’s private bank accounts are ideal for the rigours of modern living, and allow instant access through the bank’s proprietary online banking system. Foreign exchange assistance and fast-track services are available, as are both secured and unsecured overdraft facilities.

Choosing to bank with Hampden & Co.

Few modern private banks can boast the range of services that Hampden & Co. can, nor do they have the right blend of accessibility and personal relations that this private bank has. No high net worth individual will be disappointed with the services that this private bank provides.

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