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About Goldman Sachs

A huge range of financial services are available to clients of Goldman Sachs. This private bank appreciates the need for a truly global-focused approach to modern private banking. However, that doesn’t mean Goldman Sachs sacrifices attention to personal relationships; far from it. With the wealth of expertise and experience that can only come from generations of banking talent, Goldman Sachs offers top-quality services across the board.

Individuals, businesses, charitable organisations and professional investors will find a home at Goldman Sachs. This is thanks to the rich range of intellectual capital the bank can call on, as well as the strong financial infrastructure to make anything possible. Wherever their clients are, and whatever they want to achieve, the Goldman Sachs team is perfectly-placed to provide a solution.

Defining American banking for over a century

In 1869, Marcus Goldman founded a New York-based bank, with his son-in-law Samuel Sachs joining in 1882. By the turn of the century, Goldman Sachs had a real value of almost $50 million. In the new century, Goldman’s focused turned towards Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and over the following decades it advised or managed the IPOs of major firms like Sears, Ford and Woolworth.

Over the course of the 20th century, Goldman’s focus on long-term growth led to a steadily-growing influence on the American financial landscape. By the 21st century, Goldman Sachs was one of the largest lenders in the USA. The financial crisis of 2008 caused a major rethink of the bank’s investment policies, and today’s Goldman Sachs provides a leading source of investment planning and facilitation services.

Goldman Sachs private banking services

Working with one of the world’s premier investment banks brings many advantages. Chief amongst these is a relentless drive to provide top-quality solutions to a diverse range of problems. Clients can be sure that if they have an issue, there is a specialist team at Goldman Sachs that can deal with it. With deep insight into the modern investment market, and access to a unique array of financial instruments, Goldman Sachs is an excellent choice of private bank for any high net worth individual or organisation.

Financial flexibility

Goldman Sachs provides a full modern money management solution for clients. Support comes from flexible lending options with no collateral required. Clarity Money, the Goldman Sachs money management app, is currently only available to US customers, but promises to make managing your finances easier than ever.

Investment facilities and advisory service

No-one understands money like Goldman, and with the private bank’s deep expertise comes a wealth of insight. Clients gain unprecedented access to the best advice available, allowing them to pursue risk-adjusted returns with the support of the best investors in the business.

Private wealth management

Families and individuals with large fortunes can access Goldman’s private wealth management services. These drive sustainable and flexible wealth management across the globe, and empower clients to act freely to pursue their goals.

Private banking with Goldman Sachs

This private bank is at the very pinnacle of modern private banking. When high net worth individuals, family offices and investors look for the very best around, Goldman Sachs should always be considered.

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