About Eurobank

Eurobank is a private bank based in Luxembourg. It offers a range of selective private banking products, with dedicated solutions for corporate banking and fund services as well as a core private banking service. High net worth individuals will benefit from a strong relationship-based private bank account, with Eurobank often working with families for many generations. This forward-looking attitude extends to the provision of a modern e-banking platform. Digital integration allows private banking clients to access their fortune no matter where they are.

Flexibility and an adaptable approach are at the heart of Eurobank’s private banking service. However, this bank still offers a powerful suite of solutions to address many different problems. Branches located across Europe allow clients to access personal service in many different countries. With international presence comes a wide-reaching support network, and Eurobank private bank offers powerful services to address clients’ needs worldwide.

European private banking

The Eurobank group has branches in several European countries. These include Greece, where the bank is headquartered, as well as Bulgaria, the UK, and Luxembourg. The Eurobank group was originally created as part of the European Financial Group (EFG), which was forced to deconsolidate the Eurobank brand after the Greek financial crisis of 2012. Eurobank, at this point a Greek-owned bank, then proceeded to purchase the Eurobank private bank, based in Luxembourg. Today’s Eurobank private bank is thus part of an internationally-connected banking group, with a great deal of banking expertise to draw upon.

Private banking services from Eurobank

As an internationally-renowned private bank, Eurobank recognises the depth of expertise needed to provide solutions for high net worth individuals. No two clients will ever have the same requirements, so a flexible and needs-driven approach is required. Thanks to the expertise of their private bank managers, Eurobank is capable of delivering the level of service that modern high net worth individuals, businesses and families require.

Lifelong banking

Wealth management is an ongoing process, something that’s right at the core of Eurobank’s wealth planning services. A client’s needs will change over time, and Eurobank makes sure it’s right there with them. Clients who are initially focused on driving growth may need to start thinking of retirement planning and wealth transfer. At every step of the way, Eurobank will be there to offer guidance.

Investment and lending

Clients of Eurobank are able to leverage their assets easily. Whether they’re seeking a large mortgage loan or credit for fine art, yachts, or any other investment, Eurobank is ready to assist. Access to Eurobank support allows high net worth individuals to invest wisely and responsively, too. Through a network of expert traders and investment specialists, a Eurobank client will always maximise the utility of their investments.

Family office and trust services

Maintaining and employing wealth is essential, and can be difficult to do. The Eurobank private bank’s set of family office services, combined with a dedicated trust facility, allows high net worth individuals to easily manage their finances in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Private banking at Eurobank

European high net worth individuals stand to benefit significantly from the in-depth services that Eurobank offers. From investment to wealth planning, Eurobank’s long-term approach to private banking success makes them a top choice for any potential client.

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