About EFG

A relatively modern bank, EFG was founded in 1995 to provide a simple solution to the needs of modern high net worth individuals. EFG focuses on high quality personal service, professional advice and access to the most effective financial solutions. Thanks to the enormous combined experience of EFG’s private bankers, the bank is able to deliver on this vision for its clients. Headquartered in Zurich, EFG nevertheless provides high-quality private banking services all over the world, from New York to London to Tokyo.

The formation of EFG

In 1995, “European Financial Group International” was established in Zurich. It began with the acquisition of the local Royal Bank of Scotland branch, as well as the right to operate from the Zurich branch of the Banque de Deposits. EFG’s private bank is a subsidiary of this overarching group, which boasts branches in over 40 locations around the globe.

The private banking arm of EFG deals with high net worth individuals around the world. The private bank’s focus is always on delivering the very best quality around. That means it doesn’t try to take on as many clients as possible, nor to sacrifice quality for quantity. Instead, the EFG private bank retains a hugely professional staff of highly-experienced private bankers. These individuals are poised to solve the problems that their clients encounter, whether that’s the need for lifestyle asset purchases, large mortgage loans on personal or business property, or any other requirement that a modern high net worth individual might encounter.

These highly personal operations are supported by EFG’s research team. The EFG investment research branch is dedicated to detecting shifts in the market before they happen, enabling their clients to move before anyone else. This helps to protect and maintain the fortunes of EFG private banking clients, as well as opening up new investment opportunities.

Swiss private banking from EFG

The Swiss have a well-deserved reputation for top-quality private banking. The national emphasis on discretion at all times has served Swiss private banks well, and made them a global byword for privacy. When combined with globe-spanning finance capabilities, as is the case with EFG, the possibilities are near-limitless.

Fund administration services

EFG acts as a fund administrator in both trust and corporate contexts. EFG delivers offshore-based fund management solutions through subsidiaries based in the Channel Islands, making it an excellent choice for flexible, reliable fiduciary arrangements.

Asset management and investment

EFG offers a wide range of different investment vehicles, and has a specialised in-house asset management team. These experts are always on hand to assist EFG clients in achieving their objectives, whether that is growth, stability, or generational transfer.

Credit solutions

As a private bank, EFG is capable of providing finance in a much more flexible range of situations than many other banks. Private bank accounts offer EFG clients a great deal of international purchasing power, and with adaptable credit services on hand as well, EFG is able to meet the requirements of today’s high net worth individuals.

Banking with EFG private bank

In any situation, EFG’s private bank services provide a quick solution. Whether they’re looking to access dynamic investment insight or sustain their fortune across generations, EFG provides all the tools their clients need in the modern world.

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