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Deutsche Bank’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) offers his thoughts to the private bank’s clients every year. The CIO’s experience with the world’s financial markets allows Deutsche Bank to provide powerful forecasting advice to its clients. This, amongst much else, is what makes Deutsche Bank an attractive choice for private banking clients. The bank shares its vision for success with its clients, seeking to create a truly mutually beneficial system whereby each partner is supported by the other. With wealth management, investment planning, and complex financial facilities on offer, Deutsche Bank offers a well-rounded private banking service.

The foundation of Deutsche Bank

Today, Deutsche Bank is a major international bank, placed in the top 25 global banks. However, it was formed in Berlin in 1870 to promote and finance German exports. These specialist beginnings led to the creation of one of Germany’s largest banks, after many years of growth and diversification. In the early years, Deutsche Bank was heavily involved with financing German industry. This placed it at the forefront of the country’s economy, helping it to become the powerhouse of Europe. Major industrial names like Bayer (chemicals) and Krupp (steel) were financed by Deutsche Bank. With the opening of a London branch in 1873, Deutsche Bank was well on the way to becoming a fully-connected international bank.

The banking crisis of the early 20th century hit German banking hard, and Deutsche Bank was affected just as badly as other banks. The paralyzation of the German economy helped to contribute to the extreme regime changes of the 1930s and 40s, and the subsequent war. Every element of the German economy was mobilised during World War II, and Deutsche Bank was no different.

In the post-war period, Deutsche Bank was broken up into 10 regional German banks. However, it was able to successfully form an investment banking group, which performed well internationally. Deutsche Bank supported the financial investments of Donald Trump in the 1990s, when other banks refused to do business with him. Deutsche Bank was able to weather the 2008 crisis better than many other banks, but still received nearly $12 billion from the US Government to help stabilise the economy. Today, Deutsche Bank offers an impressive array of wealth management and investment services for discerning individuals.

German private banking excellence

As a private bank, Deutsche Bank can provide an amazing range of wealth management options to its clients. These include personal and professional investment services, as well as money management and wealth transfer.

Managing and investing

Deutsche Bank offers discretionary and advisory wealth management services, as well as capital market expertise and fund solutions. Deutsche Bank also provides guidance on Environmental, Social and Governmental (ESG) investments.

Personal and business finance

Any financial liquidity needs can be met by Deutsche Bank. This includes large mortgage loans for real estate purchases, lifestyle assets, or any business or personal requirement.

Family wealth management

Deutsche Bank specialises in preserving and maintaining a family’s fortunes. Whether this requires life insurance, inheritance planning, or anything else besides, Deutsche Bank’s experts provide a full range of solutions.

Private banking at Deutsche Bank

High net worth individuals from across the world choose Deutsche Private Banking as the home for their fortunes. Thanks to the bank’s long history of top-quality financial services, it’s easy to understand why.

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