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About Credit Suisse

The private banking arm of Credit Suisse brings world-class discretion, financial management and wealth planning services to clients around the globe. Specialists in providing high-quality financial services for high net worth individuals, the team at Credit Suisse is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of their clients’ requirements.

The grandfathers of Swiss banking

Switzerland is known the world over for the quality of its banking services. This draws on a long-standing heritage of financial prudence and discretion, and Credit Suisse has been at the forefront of Swiss banking since almost the first days. Initially funded by returning Swiss mercenaries in the late 1700s, then by rich merchants in the 1800s, the Swiss banking system has been integral to the development of Switzerland throughout its history. When Switzerland was united after a brief civil war in the 1840s, Credit Suisse emerged as one of the founding national financiers. Under Alfred Escher, Credit Suisse financed the construction of the nascent Swiss railway network in the 1850s. By the end of the 1870s, Credit Suisse was the largest bank in the country.

Throughout the 20th century Credit Suisse diversified its holdings, offering a range of financial services throughout Europe. This process has involved a series of mergers and buyouts, leaving Credit Suisse as one of the largest and most powerful banks in the world. The private bank’s latest innovations have been in fintech and digital services, as Credit Suisse aims to provide a globally-competitive financial architecture for all of its clients.

Credit Suisse private banking services

High net worth individuals have particular requirements, and the private banking services of Credit Suisse are ideal for meeting these needs. The broad range of financial solutions that this private bank provides include a number of highly specialised and flexible options, based on a personal understanding of individual needs.

Custom wealth management strategies

Credit Suisse boasts some of the world’s most experienced financial planners, and these experts help to refine their clients’ portfolios for maximum growth and resilience. They take each individual’s objectives into account and devise a range of management solutions to suit their particular requirements. These services also help clients plan ahead for the future, ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Corporate support

The compelling holistic solutions offered by Credit Suisse give business owners a wide selection of solutions to choose from. These include support in the forms of both finance and expertise; Credit Suisse has a global network of impressive knowledge to call on.

Family wealth planning

The Credit Suisse family office services make it easy for a wealthy family to employ its fortune responsibly. These include next-level investment strategies as well as education for the children of high net worth individuals.

Inheritance planning

It’s essential for high net worth individuals to pass on their fortune intact. Credit Suisse provides detailed planning services alongside a range of trust solutions that protect a family’s fortune from one generation to the next.

The private bank services that Credit Suisse offers touch on every aspect of a high net worth individual’s lifestyle requirements. Working with one of the founding fathers of private banking brings unparalleled discretion and service quality, and Credit Suisse is favoured by many amongst the global elite for precisely these reasons.

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