About Clydesdale Private Bank

Clydesdale private bank gives customers a more flexible private banking service. While the range of banking services still provides excellent quality, it is more accessible than many other private banks. The private banking services of Clydesdale are available to individuals with personal incomes in excess of £75,000, or with a combined income of more than £100,000. The services that Clydesdale private bank offers include large mortgages, dedicated wealth management, access to local business networking opportunities and much more.

Groundbreaking Scottish banking

Clydesdale bank was created in 1838, with the intention of having “few branches, but correspondents in many cities”. It was formed by businessmen with radically liberal views, who participated in the running of their local areas with great vigour. Throughout the rest of the 19th century, Clydesdale procured branches of other Scottish banks. Thanks to prudent lending practises and public knowledge of the bank’s reliability, Clydesdale had branches all over Scotland by the beginning of the 1900s.

Clydesdale branches numbered more than 150 by the end of the First World War, and it attracted the attention of the London and Midland bank. Although Clydesdale initially resisted the purchase, the deal was completed in 1920. Clydesdale remained independent, and was treated as an “affiliate” rather than a subsidiary bank. However, the bank was bought by the National Australia Bank in 1987, then merged with Virgin Money in 2018.

A place at the heart of Scottish life

Although Clydesdale bank is only the third-largest bank in Scotland, it still plays a large part in the character of the country. Unusually, it is one of very few banks in the UK that can issue its own banknotes. Clydesdale notes feature prominent Scottish figures and features such as Robert Burns and the University of Glasgow.

Private banking services from Clydesdale bank

Wealthy Scots need access to a wide selection of financial services, and these are what Clydesdale bank’s private banking facility provides. Each client is given a dedicated private manager to handle their affairs, which guarantees perfect personal service.

Asset finance

Clydesdale private large mortgages offer a range of options for high net worth individuals. These can account for complex income streams and nuance real estate purchases. Clydesdale’s adaptability makes them able to work with their clients to achieve a mutually beneficial mortgage solution

Wealth Management

Clydesdale bank doesn’t retain dedicated wealth advisors, but it has partnered with a specially-chosen wealth advisory service. Private banking clients can access bespoke wealth advisory and financial planning services to suit any of their needs, simply by requesting a referral.

Day to day private banking

The needs of modern high net worth individuals demand a high level of control over their wealth. Clydesdale offers private bank accounts for use all over the world. Numerous perks such as free access to airport lounges and favourable foreign exchange services make the Clydesdale private bank a great choice for globally-connected Scots

Working with Clydesdale private bank

Scottish high net worth individuals can be certain that when they work with Clydesdale private bank, they’re getting some of the best financial services that Scotland has to offer.

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