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About Citi Private Bank

Part of the American banking conglomerate Citigroup, Citi Private Bank caters to the needs of ultra high net worth individuals. With personal wealth in excess of $25 million, these individuals require access to the very best financial services in the world. This is what Citi Private Bank offers. In addition, this private bank provides facilities for family offices, law firms, and professional investors. Offering institutional-level financial services across the board, Citi Private Bank is ready and able to provide the world’s best private banking solutions.

As a subsidiary of Citigroup, Citi Private Bank is a small and specialised division within a much greater organisation. However, the nature of Citi Private Banks’ clients means that while it may work with a much smaller number of clients, it still manages a significant portion of the total funds that Citigroup holds. The banking conglomerate as a whole retains around $22 trillion in funds under management, while Citi Private Bank is responsible for around $250 billion. Although Citi Private Bank has fewer than 1,000 employees worldwide (compared with 204,000 in the wider bank), it manages a significant portion of its overall wealth.

Citi Private Banking services

The sheer wealth of Citi Private Bank’s clients means that it must deliver ultra-specialised services. As a result, this private bank offers many high-level investment and wealth management solutions to the ultra-wealthy. These are typically divided into areas of expertise that cater to different groups of clients.

Professional Investors

From aircraft finance to real estate development, Citi Private Bank offers bespoke facilitation services for a huge number of different purposes. The bank even provides custody services for fluid assets, which are otherwise difficult to maintain at the level their clients require.

Wealthy Individuals

With vast fortunes come a range of responsibilities, and Citi Private Bank is perfectly-placed to provide a helping hand. Their dedicated advisers give wealthy individuals the assistance they need to make their money work for them. Their areas of expertise cover everything from sports advisory to aircraft finance. When you want to buy a football team or a Learjet, these are the people who can help you do so successfully.

Family Offices

The wealth of an entire family requires dedicated managers who have a range of expertise. At Citi Private Bank, experts make sure that their clients’ needs are always taken care of. This ranges from philanthropy and liquidity to inter-generational wealth planning.

Lawyers and Law Firms

The legal sector has always required high-quality financial services, and this is what Citi Private Bank delivers every day. From investing in new premises to managing growth and providing escrow services, the 700 law firms that this private bank works with find their services invaluable.

Ultra-high quality services for the ultra-wealthy

It’s no surprise that Citi Private Bank delivers excellence throughout its range of services. For any individual with an ultra-high net worth, this private banking subsidiary is an excellent choice.

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