C. Hoare & Co.

About C. Hoare & Co.

C. Hoare & Co, also known as Hoares Bank, is one of the world’s oldest private banks and delivers the last word in private banking excellence to its clients.

Centuries of expertise and a fine tradition of high-quality service makes this private bank the go-to choice for high net worth individuals. Although C. Hoare & Co. has its roots in 17th century Britain, the bank has modernised successfully and provides a wide range of flexible services to its clientele.

The beginnings of Hoare & Co.

Hoare & Co. can claim to be the world’s fifth-oldest bank - a remarkable achievement, given how much change has occurred in the past centuries. While C. Hoare & Co. might have exchanged goldsmith’s exchanges for modern digital banking techniques, the bank still draws on its heritage of high-quality personal service, built up over generations of bankers.

This private bank began life with a single apprentice, Sir Richard Hoare, who was granted the “freedom of the Goldsmiths Company” in 1672. This effectively allowed him to go into business as a private bank in his own right, and he built the bank up into a position of prominence throughout the remainder of the century. His work paid off, and in 1702 he was knighted by Queen Anne. Ten years later he became Lord Mayor of London, a position of power that reflected the private bank’s connections to the country’s elite.

Throughout the next 300 years C. Hoare & Co. continued to play a major part in British financial affairs. The bank managed to weather the Bank Charter Act of 1844, at which point private banks were prevented from issuing their own banknotes. This drove many private banks out of business, but C. Hoare & Co. remained open and able to address the needs of their customers. Unlike the vast majority of ancient private banking families, C. Hoare & Co. has remained under the control of the founding family, 11 generations later. Alexander S. Hoare, who was Chief Executive until 2009, still remains on the board as a Managing Partner.

Today’s private banking, based on generations of expertise

Real personal private banking can only come from a small team of dedicated professionals. At C. Hoare & Co., the emphasis stays right where it always has; on providing the best service possible for their clients. With C. Hoare & Co., clients receive a level of attention to detail that simply isn’t found elsewhere.

Although C. Hoare & Co. remains a small, tightly-knit team, it provides a wide range of high-quality private banking services to meet the needs of any high net worth individual:

Trust, tax and estate planning

Maintaining wealth is often a chore, and C. Hoare & Co. shoulders the responsibility on behalf of their clients. With an unrelenting focus on achieving their clients’ goals, the C. Hoare & Co. relationship managers always deliver excellent results.

Financial planning and private bank accounts

C. Hoare & Co. enables high net worth individuals to access and employ their money however and whenever they want. The bank helps clients to access foreign exchange at fair rates, as well as providing borrowing and philanthropic services.

With hundreds of years of experience to draw upon, C. Hoare & Co. delivers high-quality results for the modern high net worth individual. Their emphasis on personal excellence ensures that their clients always receive the very best service around.

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