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About Brown, Shipley & Co.

Brown Shipley is a private bank offering wealth management and investment planning provider headquartered in London, near the Bank of England. It is part of the KBL Group, a large Luxembourg-based banking group. This allows Brown Shipley to combine personal attention to detail with global scale and reach. Brown Shipley boasts roots going back hundreds of years, with a heritage of financial experience that spans continents.

The Brown Shipley story

Alexander Brown, an Irish merchant, went into business in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1800. He specialised in importing Irish linen and exporting tobacco and cotton back to Britain. In 1810, his son Wiliam made the journey across the Atlantic to Liverpool, where he went into business himself.

William Brown entered into a business partnership with Joseph Shipley in 1825. This new trading group specialised in financing merchant shipping. Though Brown & Shipley still ran an import and export business of their own, the merchant banking aspect became more and more dominant. In the late 19th century, Brown & Shipley moved their headquarters to London, occupying a handsome address on Moorgate Street. Located just around the corner from the Bank of England itself, Brown Shipley has been at the heart of global finances ever since.

What does Brown Shipley offer?

At the heart of Brown Shipley’s business is wealth management. Their business is built on years of listening closely to customers’ needs and developing bespoke wealth management plans. Brown Shipley achieves excellent results for their clients by focusing on three key areas:

Private Banking (Lending)

No-one knows their clients as well as the private bankers at Brown Shipley, and they’re well-positioned to suggest investment opportunities. In some cases these opportunities might require additional finances, and Brown Shipley is ready to offer bespoke lending solutions. There are several options available, allowing clients total flexibility in their borrowing approach. These include Portfolio (Lombard) Lending, to minimize investment disruption, as well as short term loans and private bank mortgages.

Wealth Management

Brown Shipley develop individual planning portfolios, with a dedicated Wealth Planner to help individuals adjust their plan as time goes by. Brown Shipley takes a holistic approach to wealth management, considering cash flow, investments, and pension planning to provide a fully-rounded service.

Investment Management

Brown Shipley has several dedicated portfolios that cater to different investment styles. Their Cautious, Income, Balanced, Growth and Dynamic investment strategies allow clients to choose an attitude that best suits their objectives. Brown Shipley then offers clients two levels of involvement in their investment strategy. Under their Discretionary Management, an investment manager will handle all investments with no need for any client input. Alternatively, their Managed Advisory Service allows clients to be more involved, choosing whether to approve their investment manager’s suggestions.

Brown Shipley - comprehensive wealth management solutions

The very core of Brown Shipley’s business model requires exceptional attention to detail. Working closely with their clients, Brown Shipley seeks to enable high net worth individuals to pursue the life they want to. Whether that’s a hands-off approach to wealth management, a growth-driven investment strategy, or a mix of the two, Brown Shipley has the experience and worldwide reach to make it happen.

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