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The Private Banking team at Bentley Reid is oriented around providing high-quality wealth management services. These include wealth planning and investment management, as well as facilities for trusts based in Malta and Hong Kong. A holistic approach to wealth management, as well as an experienced team that can help mitigate the risks of investing, allows high net worth clients to maximise the benefits that their wealth provides.

Bentley Reid’s main driving focus is on providing deeply personal relationships with each client. Their executive team consists of a small unit of highly professional finance experts. This allows the Bentley Reid offering to remain tightly focused on each and every individual client, and their personal goals. Whether a client is based in London, Malta or in Hong Kong, they can be assured of receiving the trademark Bentley Reid high-quality personal service.

Developing the Bentley Reid brand

Bentley Reid was formed in 1979 by Nic Bentley, an experienced financier and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. His firm grew during the 20th century, and was eventually purchased by another UK-based firm. In 2010 Bentley Reid was once again returned to Nic Bentley’s control, and has remained firmly in family hands - his son Rupert became CEO of Bentley Reid in 2011.

Thanks to continuous family ownership and dedication to putting clients first, Bentley Reid has always remained at the forefront of wealth management in the UK and elsewhere.

Bentley Reid Wealth services

Many high net worth individuals need the support of dedicated wealth managers to fully realise the potential of their fortunes. Accruing wealth is one thing, but actually making the most of it requires time and expertise. Thanks to the Bentley Reid team, high net worth individuals can achieve the growth or resilience that they need from their fortunes.

Wealth planning services

There’s a lot to consider when managing an individual’s finances. As legislation changes and a situation evolves, what was once a safe bet can become a risky proposition. Bentley Reid’s deep experience allows it to offer prescient insight into what tomorrow might bring. Wealth management from Bentley Reid always looks to minimise risks, particularly when loss of capital might be incurred. However, a flexible attitude towards wealth planning allows Bentley Reid’s team to match each individual with a bespoke investment strategy.

Discretionary investment management

Bentley Reid’s investment strategy is returns-driven, and seeks to operate beyond asset class boundaries. This means an individual’s investment manager won’t be bound by particular requirements, and can instead make wise choices based on the best returns available. This latitude generates a more positive real return on investment, helping to grow their clients’ fortunes.

Why clients choose Bentley Reid?

The wealth of bespoke services on offer from Bentley Reid make it an attractive proposition for any high net worth individual. A global footprint that extends from London to Hong Kong also suits globe-trotting individuals who need support across the world, and Bentley Reid is well-placed to deliver excellence wherever it’s needed.

Services offered by Bentley Reid.

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