Barclays Private Bank

Barclays private bank is an excellent home for any high net worth individual. It offers an exceptional level of high-quality customer care, as well as a diverse selection of services that ensure stress-free wealth management. The services that Barclays private bank offers extend from wealth advisory and investment advice to philanthropy assistance. Barclays private bank works with a variety of different clients, from individuals to family offices, charities and corporate clients. This enables a wide range of customers to access Barclays’ private banking services, and speaks to Barclays’ high degree of expertise in the private banking arena.

Barclays bank in the modern world

Barclays rose from a humble goldsmith banker in the 18th century, identified by the sign of the “black spread eagle” on Lombard Street, London. Of course, the Barclays of today is a globe-spanning transnational corporation, and the centuries of growth it’s undergone have led to many mergers and acquisitions. In fact, it was considered the most powerful transnational corporation in the world in a 2011 paper that considered its influence on global financial stability.

However, Barclays private bank is a much smaller and bespoke entity. This private bank is focused on providing quality of quantity, and as such works with an exclusive roster of high net worth individuals, charities, family offices and corporations. This allows Barclays private bank to deliver the last word in banking excellence, with a diverse range of high-quality banking solutions centered around the needs of its modern-day clients.

The private banking arm of Barclays

As you’d imagine of a corporation the size of Barclays, this private bank has an enormous amount of flexibility. With access to the very best financial services, and an address book of experts dotted across the globe, Barclays bank is well-placed to deliver the very top level of private banking to its clients. The services it provides are nearly limitless, but include some broad areas of expertise:

Barclays private bank has access to many investment opportunities, and enables private banking clients to invest directly in these. These range from real estate to direct investments, large mortgages and private equity. For serious investors, these are valuable opportunities that can facilitate a uniquely diverse portfolio.

This private bank offers deep insight into the most appropriate ways to manage their clients’ wealth. This can incorporate elements of succession planning for businesses and individuals, as well as retirement planning and strategic liquidity planning.

Those with fortunes are often concerned with putting them to good use. Barclays private bank appreciates that this money needs to be seen to be having the right impact. To this end, the private bank offers a dedicated philanthropy service that assists in measuring impact, setting goals, and connecting with recipients that need the most support.

The last word in global private banking

Although it is part of one of the world’s largest transnational banks, Barclays recognises that collaboration begins with a conversation. The emphasis always lies on personal connections between the client and the private bank, which ensures clear communication and mutual appreciation.

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