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About Banque Havilland

The epitome of modern private banking, Banque Havilland is a fully-equipped independent lender established in 2009. Banque Havilland is headquartered in Luxembourg, but it has offices in London, Dubai, Geneva, Liechtenstein, Zurich and Monaco. This private bank remains proudly independent, which enables it to provide high net worth individuals with a fully bespoke suite of financial solutions. Included in this range are credit solutions, wealth structuring, and various investment advisory and facilitation services. Institutional clients will find a welcome home in Banque Havilland, as well, with a dedicated range of investment and asset solutions.

A decade of quality private banking

Banque Havilland has its roots as the Luxembourg branch of Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank. This was formed in 1982, and was closely involved with the Icelandic Stock Market. However, Kaupthing Bank was unable to weather the 2008 financial crisis and was forced into receivership. The bank was given a new lease of life in 2009 when David Rowland purchased both it and its sister bank Pillar Securitisation. The bank’s financial affairs were restructured, and Banque Havilland rejoined the international financial markets as a bespoke private bank for high net worth individuals

Since 2009, Banque Havilland has expanded its operations to include offices across the world. These have involved acquisitions of existing banks in countries such as Monaco and Switzerland, as well as Banque Havilland branches in the UK and elsewhere. To this day, Banque Havilland remains a truly private bank. Without the need to satisfy external investors, Banque Havilland is free to offer uniquely flexible financial solutions for its clients. Thanks to this, Banque Havilland is well-placed to facilitate a wide range of financial services.

True private banking with Banque Havilland

There are many ways to bank with this private banking provider. The day-to-day needs of high net worth individuals are met through Banque Havilland’s adaptable credit service. This provides a range of multi-currency credit cards, current accounts and savings vehicles that allow clients to easily track and access their wealth. However, there are many more specialised services available through Banque Havilland:


Clients gain access to bespoke, flexible financial support from the private bank. Large mortgages can be obtained for a range of investments, as well as many other securitised loan solutions.

Investment facilities

Banque Havilland clients have many options for investing with the support of their private bank. With a combination of advisory and management services, Banque Havilland clients can make sure their fortune is working for them. An open architecture investment platform allows investors to easily arrange their finances as they see fit.

Best access investment

Not only can Banque Havilland clients gain direct access to the dealing room when trading investments, they can also use the bank’s exclusive best execution service. This guarantees high-quality trading in accordance with Banque Havilland’s reputation for all-round excellence.

Wealth structuring

Through careful disposition of assets, Banque Havilland enables clients to protect and maintain their wealth across generations.

Private banking excellence through Banque Havilland

With access to the high-quality services that Banque Havilland provides, it’s easy for high net worth individuals to prosper in the modern world. Clients of this private bank can rest easy in the knowledge that they’re working with one of the most exclusive private banking services the world has to offer.

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