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About the Bank of Montreal

Over 200 years old, the Bank of Montreal offers world-class private banking services to all its clients. The bank has a reputation for unrivalled reliability, consistently issuing dividend payments since 1829. This makes it one of the very few financial services providers to remain profitable despite wars, recessions and widespread global changes.

Headquartered in Quebec, the Bank of Montreal pays homage to the province’s French heritage. Known locally as the Banque de Montreal, it is the fourth-largest bank in Canada. Thanks to Canada’s deep-rooted global ties, the Bank of Montreal is well-placed to offer wide-ranging private bank services. Unlike many North American financial services providers, which deal primarily within their own borders, the Bank of Montreal is capable of facilitating financial services across the globe. That makes it an excellent home for any high net worth individual.

Long lasting stability from the Bank of Montreal

It takes something special to provide certainty in an uncertain world. That’s where the Bank of Montreal specialises, and as one of the world’s most reliable banks it’s an attractive prospect to private banking clients. The bank was established in 1817 in a house in Montreal. These humble beginnings led to fast growth, and the bank opened offices in Quebec City, Toronto, and New York City the following year. Expansion continued throughout the 19th century, with the Bank of Montreal opening offices throughout Upper Canada and the Maritimes. By the beginning of the 20th century, the Bank of Montreal had branches in every province of Atlantic Canada.

Further expansion came later in the 20th century, with Bank of Montreal being listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994. This was the first Canadian bank to do so, reflecting its growing international stature. In the modern era, the Bank of Montreal provides a wealth of private banking services. These include all the tools and support high net worth individuals need to flourish in an ever-changing world.

Expertise from Canada’s foremost private bank

The Quebecois have always been fiercely independent, and the Bank of Montreal reflects that same spirit. High net worth individuals need to know that their private bank is focused on delivering quality for them alone, and the Bank of Montreal is dedicated to fulfilling this promise. The private bank provides a diverse range of wealth management, investment planning and other private banking services.

Bespoke investment management services

Investment management from the Bank of Montreal can be advisory or discretionary, depending on how involved a client wants to be. Different appetites can be catered to, ranging from growth-oriented to resilience strategies. This allows the Bank of Montreal to provide bespoke investment capabilities for each private investor, no matter what they need.

Personal private banking facilities

There are many different demands that high net worth individuals need to respond to. With the support of the Bank of Montreal, these can be met. Day-to-day activities can be managed with private bank accounts and asset finance. Large mortgages can also be sourced through the private bank, and are appropriate for a variety of real estate purchasing options.

Wealth management and future-proofing

There’s more to managing a fortune than the simple day-to-day activities, and Bank of Montreal helps its clients to prepare their wealth for the future. Expert assistance with trusts and estates enables clients to support their families in a sustainable and proactive way, all while protecting their fortunes for future generations. Philanthropical assistance also ensures that donations reach the right people, generating the greatest possible impact.

Forging a relationship with the Bank of Montreal

A private banking relationship can last many generations. With global reach and a truly Canadian spirit, there are many reasons for high net worth individuals to choose the Bank of Montreal.

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