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About Bank of China

Bank of China’s private bank subsidiary, based in Hong Kong, provides a wealth of private banking services. Amongst these are a range of investment planning solutions, wealth management services, and specialised facilities for a selection of different purposes. These enable high net worth individuals to pursue their personal objectives without limits. The Bank of China’s private bank services are available across the world, with branches in many European countries (including the UK).

Private banking with Bank of China

China is the world’s largest country, and it’s no surprise that they also have some of the world’s largest banks. The Bank of China is the fourth-largest bank on the planet, and every bank bigger than it is Chinese too. The sheer size of the Bank of China makes it an excellent home for any high net worth individual, because it provides an amazing depth of experience and a global reach to match. Investors looking for local advice in markets across the globe can access this expertise through the Bank of China private bank.

As with many large organisations in China, the Bank of China is connected with the country’s government. The bank was initially formed in 1905, and when China became a republic in 1912 it was designated the country’s central bank. It was entirely operated by the government until 2006, when an Initial Public Offering (IPO) took it public.

Bank of China is more active around the globe than many of its contemporary Chinese banks. It boasts branches in 27 countries outside of China, with an office on every continent. The Bank of China’s private bank is run by the Hong Kong subsidiary. This private bank makes use of the territory’s position as the “gateway to China” in order to offer flexible, easy-to-use services worldwide.

Bank of China private banking services

For an unparalleled suite of financial services that reach all over the world, Bank of China is an excellent choice. The services of this private bank include everything that a high net worth individual needs to make their wealth work for them, and to access the best expertise the world has to offer.

Investment services

Bank of China’s private bank offers both traditional and alternative investment opportunities to its clients. Proper diversification and a deep understanding of each client’s requirements enables the Bank of China to gear results to each individual’s objectives. Dedicated investment divisions enable targeted purchases of derivatives, precious metals, global bonds and securities at optimum values.

Wealth management

Bank of China gives clients access to high-quality estate planning services that enable streamlined management of a client’s assets. Furthermore, the private bank’s trust services allow a family’s wealth to be handled by professionals, and ensures the safety and stability of a client’s wealth.

Personal and corporate banking

Further support comes in the form of Bank of China’s private bank account services. These offer a fully-fledged suite of modern banking services including large mortgage loans, designed to offer high net worth individuals the tools they need to flourish in today’s globally-connected environment.

The Bank of China private banking experience

Choosing the Bank of China private bank is a good decision for any high net worth individual, particularly so if the individual requires financial services in Asia. However, the bank’s truly global reach means there’s nowhere in the world where it can’t deliver top-quality financial services to its clients.

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