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About Arbuthnot Latham

All over the world, Arbuthnot Latham provides its clients with high-quality private banking solutions. These include wealth management and investment planning services, as well as a treasury that offers money market and foreign exchange facilities. Arbuthnot Latham delivers excellent results for high net worth individuals, with offices in the north-west and south-west of England. A Dubai office provides face-to-face representation for high net worth individuals working in the United Arab Emirates.

Private banking for business, family, and life

Arbuthnot Latham began as an importer and exporter in the early 19th century. Specialists in the textile trade with India, Arbuthnot Latham evolved into a private bank as times changed. In the early 1900s, Arbuthnot Latham became part of the privileged group of “accepting houses” in Britain. These 12 banks numbered amongst the most prestigious and trustworthy private banks in the world, and Arbuthnot Latham retains its place in this exclusive club to this day.

The late 20th century financial upheavals were not kind to Arbuthnot Latham, and it eventually passed out of family hands. Fortunately, under Sir Henry Angest, the private bank was restored to pride of place amongst the British private banking sector. Today, Arbuthnot Latham is one of the premier providers of bespoke financial service to the wealthy and the elite. Having just celebrated its 180th birthday, this private bank is set for continued success in the new millennium.

Arbuthnot Latham’s financial services

This private bank has demonstrated an unerring ability to offer the precise services that high net worth individuals need. This comes from an unwavering dedication to personal connections; Arbuthnot Latham focuses on developing as close a relationship as possible with their clients.

Private banking

No two individuals are ever the same, and Arbuthnot Latham provides dedicated private banking teams to handle the needs of different clients. They understand that the needs of a media professional are entirely distinct from those of an entrepreneur. Clients will always work with a team that’s dedicated and experienced with the needs of their particular situation.

Wealth Management

In-depth wealth planning services make it easy for Arbuthnot Latham clients to optimise how their fortunes are arranged. A chartered wealth planner works with any other specialists their client may have in order to create a holistic wealth management plan.

Expert investment management

It’s easy to be confident when you have expertise on your side. The Arbuthnot Latham investment planning team gives clients in-depth guidance on the best ways to achieve their investment objectives. Whether this is growth, stability, or a mix of the two is entirely at the client’s discretion.

Treasury services

Managing a fortune can require some additional infrastructure, and Arbuthnot Latham has excellent treasury systems in place to assist high net worth individuals. The private bank’s treasury offers money market deposits, as well as foreign exchange purchase options.

Private banking for the modern era

Arbuthnot Latham combines a huge pool of expertise with a heritage of private banking excellence. Thanks to almost 200 years of experience providing financial services across the world, this private bank is an excellent choice for any high net worth individual.

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