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About Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank is a private bank with headquarters in London. It’s part of the wider Alpha Bank group, which offers financial services throughout Europe. Alpha Bank focuses on delivering top-quality private banking services to customers in the UK through its Private Banking Unit. In addition, Alpha Bank has a dedicated real estate investment service that provides a streamlined and effective method for acquiring large mortgages for high net worth individuals.

Alpha Bank’s international roots

While many of the major banks have roots in traditional financial hubs like New York, Paris, Geneva, London or Berlin, Alpha Bank was created in Greece in 1879. Beginning life as a small bank in Kalamata, it grew significantly through the first half of the 20th century, and was listed on the Athens stock exchange in 1925. The bank took the name Alpha Bank in 2000.

In the early 2010s, in the wake of the Greek financial crisis, Alpha Bank helped to shore up the Greek financial system by purchasing failing banks. This saw Alpha Bank complete acquisition of the Emporiki Bank, as well as taking of the deposits of the Dodecanese, Evia and Western Macedonia Cooperative Banks. It also took over Citibank’s Greek-based branches in 2014.

Expansion into the rest of Europe occurred throughout the latter half of the 20th century, with Alpha Bank gradually expanding into south-eastern Europe. Alpha Bank purchased the Commercial Bank of London in 1994, which then became Alpha Bank’s London branch. Today, the London branch of Alpha Bank is home to the bank’s Private Banking Unit, as well as the Real Estate Finance Unit. This allows Alpha Bank to offer a highly-specialised and local private banking service within the UK, as well as across Europe.

Alpha Bank private banking solutions in the UK

By providing a dedicated private bank in the UK, Alpha Bank is well-placed to deliver targeted private banking services. The Alpha Bank private banking unit consists of highly-experienced private banking experts, who are able to address the many issues confronting today’s high net worth individuals.

Private Banking Unit services

Working with the Alpha Bank private banking unit provides access to a suite of powerful financial tools. These include investment facilities, which provide clients with an easy way to manage and expand their portfolios anywhere in the world. Private bank account services and a range of credit options complete the Alpha Bank offerings, offering flexible tools for managing day to day and lifelong wealth management.

Real Estate Finance Unit services

UK real estate is highly attractive for foreign investors, and the Alpha Bank private bank makes it easier for overseas investors to acquire larger mortgages. Similarly, Alpha Bank’s team is able to facilitate investment in overseas real estate, using its network of European-based branches.

Private banking with the Alpha Bank

Few modern private banks can boast a wide-reaching real estate investment service alongside bespoke personal private banking solutions. High net worth individuals based in the UK or overseas will find that Alpha Bank provides solutions to the issues that confront them every day.

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