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About Allied Irish Private Banking

Based on a partnership between successful, busy individuals and a bank that truly understands their requirements, Allied Irish Banks’ private banking services are perfect for the modern era. A wide selection of financial services allows high net worth individuals to achieve their goals, whether that’s growth, ethical investment, philanthropy, generational transfer, or any other objective. Allied Irish Banks provides fertile ground for a long-term relationship to grow, and focuses on delivering excellence across every area of expertise.

Private banking at Allied Irish Banks

A dedicated subsidiary of one of the “Big Four” global banks, the Allied Irish Banks private bank is a much more personal and relationship-driven enterprise. The main bank has more than 700 employees spread over 21 locations around Great Britain, and as such is not tailored to meet the highly specialised requirements of high net worth individuals. Consisting of a team of dedicated, focused professionals with many years of experience, the Allied Irish Banks private bank is purely centred around solving the problems that high net worth individuals encounter.

Although modern banking has changed enormously in the past 30 years, Allied Irish Banks is still thriving today. This is thanks to an ability to change with the times, acknowledging that modern technology is irreplaceable and enables unparalleled flexibility. However, the attention to detail and personal relationships that Allied Irish Banks espouse as a private bank never go out of style.

Allied Irish Banks private banking services

A huge number of different financial services are required in today’s world. For high net worth individuals this can be hard to deal with. Anyone with major assets is likely to be too busy to manage them optimally without assistance, and the private banking team at Allied Irish Banks provides the perfect solution.

Investment services

Allied Irish Banks relies on four key areas when providing investment services. These are discipline, independence, prudence and transparency. Taken together, this allows Allied Irish Banks’ clients to access a wide range of financial instruments without high fees, and with the knowledge that their relationship manager is handling all their affairs with the utmost professionalism.

Wealth management and planning

Allied Irish Banks is results-driven, meaning that they only require high-level direction from their clients. They don’t ask which specific pension plan their clients want; instead, they have a conversation about the type of retirement they’d like. This holistic approach allows for a well-rounded and ultimately more satisfying wealth management strategy to be employed, ensuring positive results for Allied Irish Banks’ private banking customers.

Financial solutions

A high net worth individual can do a lot with their money. With Allied Irish Banks they can fully realise the potential of their wealth. Flexible finances from this private bank allow clients to use a variety of assets as security, and can be invested into large mortgages, liquid capital, and much more.

Allied Irish Banks promises a lot, and is in an excellent position to deliver. As part of a major banking group it can boast a great deal of financial support and stability, which in turn grants the flexibility to solve a huge number of problems. Allied Irish Banks’ private banking arm is well-respected and popular with a variety of high net worth individuals, and with good reason.

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