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About Ahli United

Ahli United Bank is one of the leading partners for high net worth individuals from the Gulf states. With strong ties to Gulf countries such as Bahrain and Kuwait, Ahli United Bank understands exactly what its clients need to achieve success. This private bank offers a diverse range of wealth management and investment services to facilitate their clients’ needs. These include real estate investment options and a dedicated Islamic home purchase plan. With many years of private bank experience in the UK and the Gulf, Ahli United Bank provides the solutions its clients need.

The roots of Ahli United Bank

This private bank can trace its heritage back to 1966. The United Bank of Kuwait, as it was then, was formed to facilitate international investment between the Gulf state and the rest of the world. In 2000 it merged with the Al-Ahli Commercial Bank to form Ahli United Bank. Both previous banks still exist, and are subsidiaries of Ahli United Bank. Today’s Ahli United Bank is headquartered in Manama, Bahrain.

Ahli United Bank has a large regional presence throughout the Middle East and Gulf states. The bank has offices in Egypt, Iraq, Libya and the United Arab Emirates, as well as in the UK. This allows the bank to provide expert advice and services to clients throughout the region.

High quality private banking services

This private bank always emphasises quality in its financial services. All clients will work with a personal private wealth manager and a supporting team. Their focus will be on protecting and increasing clients’ wealth, helping high net worth individuals to fully utilise their fortunes in an uncertain and volatile world. To ensure that clients receive the best possible service, Ahli United Bank has created private banking centres. These offer regional services that out-compete larger, less focused international banks.

Investment advice and facilitation

At Ahli United Bank, it’s understood that a strong portfolio is only as good as the knowledge it’s built on. Using insight and expertise built up over many years, Ahli United Bank offers investors a comprehensive array of investment options. Bespoke investment partnerships allow this private bank to offer access to highly refined portfolios that match the needs of all investors.

Real estate purchase services

UK property is often a sought-after asset, and Ahli United Bank gives investors all the tools they need to identify and purchase UK real estate. This service includes large mortgages that help cover the cost of purchase, with flexible payment options and offshore companies to minimise tax exposure.

Trust services for wealthy families

In addition to investment and management services, Ahli United Bank offers a suite of trust services. These include a range of options for facilitating a wealthy family’s activities around the world. Trust funds can use a number of services to remain tax-efficient and adaptable, such as offshore accounts and private trust companies. Real estate services are also available, and with Ahli United Bank’s Guernsey-based specialists private banking clients will gain access to bespoke solutions to any obstacle they’re presented with.

First class service from Ahli United Bank

High net worth individuals stand to benefit from the services that this private bank provides. Thanks to its international presence and long history of high-quality service, Ahli United Bank is well-placed to deliver private banking excellence within the UK and across many Gulf and Middle Eastern states.

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