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About Adam & Company

Adam & Company focuses on providing financial planning, investment management and other private banking services to high net worth individuals. These cover a wide variety of flexible financial products from discretionary managed ISAs to private bank accounts. With a modern private banking outlook centered on long-lasting relationships, Adam & Company is one of the UK’s premiere private banks.

The Adam & Company banking story

Adam & Company was founded in 1983 in Edinburgh by an influential group of Scottish business people. The bank is named after Adam Smith, who published “Wealth of Nations” in 1776. This highlights the bank’s intimate links with the past, but Adam & Company is very much a forward-looking private bank. The bank’s focus on personal relationships means they’re always ready to offer a bespoke solution to their clients, while a modern approach to business ensures they can offer a comprehensive suite of financial products with global reach.

Many ancient private banks boast of their roots as trading houses hundreds of years ago. However, the financial industry saw very little disruption for a long time; financing a trans-Atlantic merchant voyage was much the same in 1920 as it was in 1820, or even 1720. In contrast, Adam & Company can boast a flourishing history during the most turbulent decades the banking industry has seen. FinTech, globalisation and other stresses have made the last 30 years a tough time to be a private bank, and Adam & Company has come through these challenging times with a service that is, if anything, strengthened by adversity.

A global reach with a personal touch

The core offering of Adam & Company is built around the combination of personal relationships and worldwide scope. All private bank clients receive high-quality advice and bespoke assistance from dedicated wealth advisers. These relationships are not built up overnight, either; Adam & Company recognises that it takes time to create a truly personal bond. With this in mind, the bank seeks to develop relationships that are measured in generations.

This long-term view of success is coupled with Adam & Company’s globe-spanning vision. As part of the Royal Bank of Scotland trading group, it’s possible for this private bank to provide a huge range of financial services all across the world.

Full range of financial services

The range of Adam & Company financial products covers everything a high net worth individual needs to maintain their lifestyle. This incorporates multiple different services that address key issues which confront these individuals.

Comprehensive private bank accounts

Adam & Company provides fully-fledged international bank accounts that can be used for payments anywhere in the world. This also incorporates facilities for short and long-term overdrafts as well as both small and large mortgages. The Adam 24 and Adam Online services guarantee assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Financial planning services

Whether it’s long-term growth, philanthropy, generational transfer or simply a hands-off wealth management service, Adam & Company can provide a solution. This includes retirement planning and income protection as well.

Bespoke investment management

Adam & Company ensure their client’s portfolio is managed according to their personal needs, and will gear their investments towards growth or resilience depending on individual requirements.

Modern private banking for the 21st century

With an attractive range of financial services, Adam & Company is well-placed to offer high net worth individuals the solutions they need to meet today’s challenges.

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